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How To Make MysoreBonda

Written By praneetha on Monday, 24 July 2017 | July 24, 2017

MysoreBonda is one of the tastiest and popular snack items.


·              Water: one cup 

·          Salt: 2tbsp

·          Curd: one cup 

·          Maida: one cup 
·          Rice flour: one cup
·          Green chilies: 4 or 5 

·          Coriander: 2 or 3 leaves

·          Zinger: as much needed

·          Cooking soda: ½ tea spoon

·          Onion slices: one onion


·          First take one cup of Maida and one cup of rice flour in a bowl.

·          Add salt and chopped green chilies and coriander paste and onion pieces in that Maida and       mix itwell.

·          Now add curd and little bit water to that mix and make it like a batter.

            Keep that batter aside for one hour.

·          Next take oil in a pan and heat it.

·          Make the batter like round bonda pieces and deep fry until bondas get in golden color  in a        low flame.

·          Now u can serve in bowl and taste the yummy bondas with onion pieces.



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